The BREWumor Mill……Queen City Craft Beer News and Rumors

The BREWumor Mill: Queen City craft beer news and rumors that we have collected from the ether…

(unofficially, allegedly, supposedly and all that other stuff to cover my ass. remember kids, just because its on the internets doesn’t mean it’s necessarily true)

  • NEW! Saturday, 8/10/13 – Mt. Carmel Brewing / Dewey’s Pizza: Like good beer and good pizza? Duh! Well, then look forward to this! Mt. Carmel Brewing is partnering with Deweys Pizza to release a commemorative beer for Midpoint Music Festival called Monty’s Midpoint Pale Ale – a hop forward, but session-friendly pale ale.
  • NEW! Saturday, 8/10/13 – Fifty West Brewing / Great Lakes Brewing: Look for a potential Fifty West Brewing and Great Lakes Brewing BBQ Throwdown at Fifty West when the Cleveland Browns roll in town to play the Cincinnati Bengals on November 17th, 2013.
  • Friday, 8/9/13 – Moerlein Lager House: Changes are a brewin’ at the Moerlein Lager House. With the departure of Jim Matt to Rhinegeist Brewery a few months ago there have been some changes to their brew staff. Richard Dube, will become Director of Brewery Operations and will be splitting time between the Moerlein Lager House and the Christian Moerlein production facility on Moore St. in Over-The-Rhine. Gregg Wilson will become the Head Brewer at the Moerlein Lager House. Rounding out the staff will be Adam Rauckhorst and Rian Umbach. Adam has a background in chemistry and comes from P&G. Rian is a home brewer and bartender at Moerlein Lager House.
  • Friday, 8/2/13 – Moerlein Lager House: Will soon be tapping a firkin of dry-hopped Bavarian Pale Ale.
  • Friday, 8/2/13 – Cincinnati Reds / Listermann Brewing / Rhinegeist Brewery / Rivertown Brewing: Starting this weekend at section 132, by Fan Zone, you can get Rhinegiest Truth IPA, Rivertown Hop Bomber and Helles Lager, and Listermann Serpentine Wheat all on draft. Plus, other craft beer favorites such as White Rajah and 4 C’s Pale Ale from The Brew Kettle (Strongsville, OH). The White Rajah is a QCF favorite! Additionally, Karma from Avery Brewing (Boulder, CO) and more! *CONFIRMED.
  • Wednesday, 7/31/13 – Blank Slate Brewing / Triple Digit Brewing : Another collaboration with Scott LaFollette (BSBC) and Kevin Moreland (Triple Digit) is upcoming. Expect a fruity Saison packed with the trademark Triple Digit high gravity punch.
  • Wednesday, 7/31/13 – Cellar Dweller Brewery: Canning is on the horizon. No date has been set but can design and label approvals have been or are very near being finalized. Beers likely to show up in cans: Dead Dweller, Cellar Blues and I can’t remember the 3rd (to quote Ricky Perry, “Oops”).  A new pub style room is coming to the 2nd floor at Valley Vineyards. Lastly, after a 2.5 week hiatus to install their new equipment, the 1st batch of Hoppy Poppy IPA off their new system was tapped tonight at Arnold’s Bar and Grill.
  • Wednesday, 7/31/13 – Double Barrel Brewery: Not only has QCF actually visually verified this brewery exists. It actually met Sean Smith one of the partners in the venture. Although, the Brew Professor reported back in December 2012 (Double Barrel adds to the growing Cincinnati brewery list) I was skeptical but alas I have proof they actually exist. Look for an interview with Double Barrel Brewery to be coming very shortly.
  • Wednesday, 7/31/13 – Fifty West Brewing: The winning beer from the initial Cannonball Wednesday event was the Puh Puh Powie! IPA. Described as a West Coast Style IPA with a hop blast to the face, strong citrus and herbacious flavors. Hands down this was the favorite beer sampled by QCF.  I got mixed reports on who brewed this one as it was a secret contest. The latest information was this was a collaboration by Whit and assistant brewer Mighty Max. Whoever brewed it, knocked it out the f’n park.
  • Wednesday, 7/31/13 – Fifty West Brewing: Music series continues this Friday, 8/2/13 with Bucket and Hickory Robot. Poster in brewery confirms this.
  • Wednesday, 7/31/13 – Fifty West Brewing: Music event planned for 8/17/13 which includes Tickled Pink (2 of the 3 members from Bucket) and the Comet Bluegrass All-Stars.
  • Wednesday, 7/31/13 – Fifty West Brewing: Music event planned for 8/22/13 which includes Ben Knight and the Well Diggers
  • Wednesday, 7/31/13 – Fifty West Brewing: Music lineup for Fifty Fest, the conclusion of the Fifty West Music series on 9/7/13 will have the following lineup: Los Honchos, The Hiders, The Newbies, Deep Fried Five (Nashville), Shiny Old Soul, My Brother the Bear, NKU Latin Jazz Ensemble, Jake Logan and the Midnight Riders. Five bands will perform on the patio and three bands will perform in the cottage next door to Fifty West.  Andrew from the kitchen staff will be performing with Jake Logan and the Midnight Riders.
  • Wednesday, 7/31/13 – Triple Digit Brewing: A new sour beer may be in the works. Not much information on this. I enjoyed their 1st sour, Julia, so hopefully this one delivers as well.

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