Cincinnati Craft Beer Social Media Rankings – August 2013

Cincy Beer Social Media Rankings for August 2013

After seeing a post by Rhinegeist yesterday that they had very quickly already reached 5,000 Facebook likes, I was curious to check and see how the local breweries stacked up against each other on Facebook and Twitter.

Shameless Plug: I spend way more time on Facebook than I need to and I have yielded just over 300 Facebook likes since April 2013. Trust me – even that’s been a struggle. I guess if I had any real meaningful product (i.e. beer) or service to offer it would significantly help. By all means though, if you read this post feel free to Like Queen City Fresh on Facebook and help get me over the 500 mark. Shoot, just help get me over the 350 mark!


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Ok, on to what you are really here for…

I would caution anyone to make any connection that the # of Facebook likes or Twitter followers correlates to the quality of the beer, sales volume or any other meaningful statistic. Keep in mind, you do have the option to pay to promote on Facebook so the breweries marketing budget could influence the count. You also have breweries like Blank Slate that have been essentially a one man crew and I’m sure while it’s important to have a good social media following it’s probably not at the top of his priorities amongst all the many other tasks he has to do. Additionally, factor in how long have they have been established on FB or Twitter. So, basically what I’m saying is there are many variables in play so take it for what it is — just an interesting look at their social media standing at this particular point in time. I do plan to track this monthly going forward to see which breweries are trending.

These statistics are current as of Tuesday, August 27th between 11:30 pm – 11:59 pm est. Does not include Boston Beer Co. 


  1. MadTree – 5,607
  2. Rhinegeist – 5,034
  3. Christian Moerlein – 4,714
  4. Mt. Carmel – 4,165
  5. Rivertown – 4,077
  6. Fifty West – 3,710
  7. Listermann – 2,433
  8. Blank Slate – 1,680
  9. Great Crescent – 1,154
  10. Triple Digit – 969
  11. Quaff Bros. – 863
  12. Double Barrel – 797
  13. Ei8ht Ball – 387
  14. Cellar Dweller – 299

TWITTER (Followers):

  1. Christian Moerlein – 3,598 (@moerleinbeers)
  2. MadTree – 1,992 (@MadTreeBrewing)
  3. Rivertown – 1,855 (@RivertownBrew)
  4. Mt. Carmel – 1,649 (@MtCarmelBrewing)
  5. Listermann – 1,460 (@Listermann)
  6. Rhinegeist – 1,183 (@rhinegeist)
  7. Fifty West – 1,112 (@FiftyWestBrew)
  8. Blank Slate – 1,065 (@blankslatebeer)
  9. Triple Digit – 519 (@TripleDigitBrew)
  10. Double Barrel – 382 (@DoubleBarrel513)
  11. Great Crescent – 118 (@greatcrescent)
  12. Quaff Bros. – 86 (@Quaffbros)
  13. Ei8ht Ball – 10 (@Ei8htBallBrews)
  14. Cellar Dweller – N/A. Note: Could not locate. If it exists and I missed it please let me know.

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