Firehouse Grill announces Battle of the Local Beers II

I received a press release from Firehouse Grill regarding the return of the Battle of the Local Beers II.

As you may have noticed, I have spent an ever increasing amount of time there lately. It actually all started during the Battle of the Local Beers I when I recorded audio during the brewers Q&A and then I gathered everyone up and got a group pic which was a real hit on the web. Interesting fact, it’s the background wallpaper for the Firehouse Grill point-of-sale registers.


Firehouse Grill is very close to my house. There is a wide variety of good food to choose from and they recently expanded to 46 taps. There is about 25 local selections on at all times plus solid craft beer offerings from around the state, region and nationally.

Add in excellent service, live music and frequent beer events and you can quickly see why I choose to go there often. Plus, there are many more exciting developments in the works at Firehouse Grill that I hope to share soon.


Regarding the event, there has been a change in format which personally I find different and exciting. It’s has a more competitive aspect that some craft beer events but at the same time allows for the advancing breweries to be creative and strategize about what beers to bring back that gives them the best shot to continue advancing. Fans can rally their support around their favorite brewery  to help push them through to the final round. One brewery will be left hoisting the Firehouse Cup.

Below is the press release:

Firehouse Grill announces the “Battle of the Local Beers II”
16 worthy opponents in a fierce new format  

Blue Ash, Ohio – May 4, 2014 – Do you know your stout from your porter?  Do you sip a beer and remark on its smoky undertones and fruity finish?  The Firehouse Grill calls upon both expert and rookie craft beer taste buds alike on June 8th.

Sixteen local breweries present 32 brews at the 2nd annual Battle of the Local Beers.  Organizer Chris Ashwell remarks “Craft beer is a rising movement in Cincinnati” he continues, “The Battle of the Beers at the Firehouse Grill is the perfect chance to try the local best, mingle with the brewers, and have a stake in who gets crowned with the Firehouse Cup!”

You may recall last August when Cincinnati’s local breweries faced off in the inaugural Battle of the Local Craft Beers.  This year’s contest has been expanded over a series of  three events.  Breweries will advance based on total sales each round.  The final four breweries will contend for the Firehouse Cup on August 24th.

It is official:  These 16 breweries will vie for the title (and bragging rights!)

Bad Tom
Blank Slate
Cellar Dweller
Christian Moerlein
Ei8ht Ball
Fifty West
Jackie O’s
Mt. Carmel
Triple Digit
Warped Wing
West Sixth
Yellow Springs

The contest kicks off June 8th, 2014, with each brewery entering two beers of their choosing.  The public will vote for their favorite simply by making a beer purchase.  Only the top eight will advance once the beer sales are tallied.  Then, the elite eight will bring three beers each on July 6th.  The final four contenders bring 4 brews each to the matchup on August 24.  One brewery will be crowned with the Firehouse Cup.

These events are open to the public. All three rounds will be hosted by The Firehouse Grill, all 16 brewers will be on site, and live music on the patio will accompany each event.  Stay tuned for the list of 32 beers debuting June 8th.

Sunday 6/08/14 16 Breweries2 Beers ea.8 Advance
Sunday 7/06/14Elite 8 Breweries3 Beers ea.4 Advance
Sunday 8/24/14Final 4 Breweries4 Beers ea.1 Firehouse Cup Winner


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