Cool Beer Labels Book features local artists and breweries

I was drinking a Dogfish Head Festina Peche as I was scrolling through my QCF Facebook feed and I came across a post from Neltner Small Batch mentioning their inclusion in a new book called Cool Beer Labels, The Best Art & Design From Breweries Around the World. Ironically, the primary factor for my purchase of Festina Peche was because I was intrigued by the bottle artwork that is part of the Dogfish Seasonal Art Series. Although, I can’t draw a lick I’ve always admired art.

Authored by Daniel Bellon and Steven Speeg, the book is available for pre-order on Amazon and will be released in October. It would make a wonderful Christmas gift or perhaps even a great gift for a certain father that turns 40 in November.

When I got into the craft beer scene about two years ago I was blown away by the quality and variety of beer that existed. Very quickly, I took notice of all the cool packaging design, typography and illustration that accompanied these delicious libations. Talented artists turned those bland brown bottles and silver aluminum cans into tiny beautiful pieces of art. Many of which adorn my shelves around my house.

I checked out the book’s website and it had a partial list of the breweries featured. I was proud to see that Cincinnati was well represented. The book will include at a minimum, these local connections.

  • Bitter Old Fecker Rustic Ales (Chelsea, MI)
  • HalfCut (Cincinnati, OH)
  • MadTree Brewing Company (Cincinnati, OH)

In the book, local artist Keith Neltner of Neltner Small Batch (NSB) work on Bitter Old Fecker Rustic Ales and HalfCut is featured. NSB has also worked with Braxton Brewing Co., Arnold’s Bar and Grill, local musical artists The Tillers and The Kentucky Struts and Queen City Fresh to name just a few. His most recent work, a public art mural for the Over-the-Rhine Brewery District Brewery Heritage Trail will be unveiled on September 5th, 2014 at 5:30pm followed by the premiere of Art & Craft, A Tale of Beer & Brushes at 7:30pm at Christian Moerlein Brewery. For more details about the event, click here.

John Pattison was the Packaging and Marketing Materials Designer for MadTree. Various illustrators have worked on MadTree cans. I don’t know which beer will be featured but I’m guessing it’s PsycHOPathy which was illustrated by Margaret Weiner. MadTree’s most recent release The Great PumpCan was illustrated by Tom Post. Check out the MadTree website artist page to discover who illustrated your favorite MadTree beer. Pattison and Post have also worked with Warped Wing Brewing Co. out of Dayton, O.

Hopefully, even more local breweries are featured in this book. One of my favorites is the beautiful illustrations by Jim Effler for Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. and Bockfest. Cheers Cincinnati! Here’s to great beer and art!

By the way, if you enjoy beer and art, I’d highly recommend you check out the website, Oh Beautiful Beer.




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