TDG 6.22.17

In today’s edition of Talking Drunken Gibberish…

After a much needed hiatus and a switch from hosting companies, I’ve fired back up the QCF machine. I’m back. Again. For like the 10th time. Hoperatives — how do you it? You’re consistency sickens me. In a good, jealous way.

Unfortunately, I lost all my prior content which was a tough lesson learned to swallow. On the plus side, it give me a fresh start. So, here I go, again.

What’s been happening while I was gone?

What? The Gnarly Gnome got arrested. SMH. Now, that’s funny. And sad. He got his ass raked over the coals on Reddit. He might think twice before sharing that story publicly. Congratulations, you’ve joined the Kentucky Wall of Shame. To paraphrase Rick James, alcohol is a hell of a drug.

I hear Listermann has been having a ‘special can’ release like every weekend. Okay. Not sure they understand what special means. See Funk Day. See Dark Charge Day.

I have the day off today so I plan to venture out to several new breweries that I haven’t been too. There was a time where I never missed a special invite to a soft opening or the public grand opening. These days, not so much. I realized when revamping my brewery guide, there was quite a few breweries that I’ve yet to visit.

I also finally dowloaded the Ohio Craft Brewers Association mobile app. It’s a pretty slick mobile app so I figured I would kill two birds and check out some breweries today and earn a few passport stamps within the app along the way.

I’ll check back in later with some pics and more thoughts.


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