TDG 7.8.17

In today’s edition of Talking Drunken Gibberish…

The last TDG post was just over two weeks ago. Man, time flies when you’re having fun. After a long hiatus, I’ve feel like I’ve been on a whirlwind the last two weeks.

In that time, I got a sneak peak at West Side Brewing Co. just before they opened last Friday, followed by another sneak peak at Fretboard Brewing Co. (pictured below) in my neck of the woods in Blue Ash.

Fretboard plans to open later this year. I wish them the best at that timeline but I’ve yet to hear of a brewery open up ‘on schedule’. They will be getting their brewing equipment within the next few weeks. Due to its proximity to me, I should be able to provide some decent coverage of their progress along the way. Stay tuned.

What else…I picked up several beers over the past two weeks. Braxton released their first can release from Braxton Labs, a New England Style IPA, then Braxton proper released their 2017 Union series, MadTree released Entropic Theory and Platform Beer Co. out of Cleveland officially launched in town.

Platform Officially Launches in Town

Speaking of Platform, I swung by White Oak Marathon to attend their first launch event this week. It had been awhile since I had been over that way. White Oak Marathon installed a new bar with more taps and they have plans to open a patio out back before too long. And of course, they have a good selection of craft beers to choose from. If you are a West sider, I’d highly recommend a visit there. I had a nice conversation with the gentleman who runs it (sorry, his name escapes me). Anyways, good people.

Oh, back to Platform. I met up with Marc Codispoti who is Platform’s Cincinnati Sales Representative. Marc formerly worked for Warped Wing so he will be a familiar face to retailers, bars and restaurants. Seems like a pretty cool dude. He’s pulling double duty now as he makes a trip once a week to Columbus to pick up fresh beer and deliver it around town. I picked up several cans they had available for their launch and look forward to trying them soon.

This evening, I stopped into O’Bryan’s in Loveland because I forget to pick some cans of Becky, Platform’s Blueberry Apple Cider at White Oak. The owner of Platform was in attendance. I chattes with him for about 20 minute and learned a little more about him and his brewery. Cool story. Young guy with an entrepreneurial spirit. Look for a post about Platform in the coming days.

Updated Website

I’ve been endlessly tinkering with the QCF website after starting anew with a new hosting company. The events section is still really sparse right now. Quite frankly, events are a pain in the ass to keep up with. And it won’t get any easier with more brewery openings on the horizon. Hopefully, you are enjoying the New Beer Releases posts. I always look forward to seeing what’s new each week.

Hoperatives, Coming to an End?

I came across a post from Hoperatives asking ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’. Honestly, I don’t know but I feel their pain. They’ve been doing this for a long time (8.5 years) on a very consistent basis. And I’m sure Carla is super busy with her successful launch of the brewing program at Cincinnati State. She’s always been nothing but nice to me, I wish her the best in her new endeavors.

Tom’s been a tougher nut to crack for me. He’s always been cordial with me but I often wondered if secretly he’d rather push me in front of a bus. I think he is best when he writes a blog post like he did for that column, like this gem — ‘We never had a plan and we’ve executed it flawlessly’. Hilarious. I follow him online and we seem to have a lot in common actually. He’s a very witty and snarky guy. I find him entertaining.

I’ve had an internal love/hate relationship with them over the years. I certainly appreciate them blazing the path they did but the competitive (and petty) part in me wanted to ‘take down’ the older kings of the beer blogging scene. Thankfully, I’m overcome my jealousy and stupidity and realize that we are all in for the same thing. We want to help promote and grow the Cincinnati Craft Beer scene. Forgive me Hoperatives, I can be a childish idiot with the best of them at times.

As Tom states, beer blogging isn’t about the money. It’s a labor of love for sure. That being said, the Cincinnati brewing community has given me more that I ever could to them. I think they share that sentiment.

Whatever the decide to do, there’s no doubt they’ve done a lot to help promote and inform the people of Cincinnati about better beer. And for that, we should all thank them, I sincerely wish them the best in their decision. If they depart, they will be missed by many.

The Gnome

Speaking of beer bloggers, did I mention that The Gnarly Gnome got arrested. That may never get old. Sorry, Gnome.


You may have noticed that Tom Aguero of Brewminds and Jesse Folk have recently started doing some Facebook Live videos covering the local beer scene. They’ve met with Simon at MadTree, Urban Artifact and most recently sat down with Bobby Slattery at Fifty West to discuss Punch Out and more. A few good nuggets about 50W packaging in that video too. I’m not going to tell you, so watch the video to find out. It’s around the 26:00 mark in the video.

Follow them online and check out their videos on YouTube. What happened to Tom’s locks? As a man struggling with his hair departing him, I can’t believe he cut that hair. Maybe it’s just a summer thing.

Fifty West Punch Out: Round 2

Today is the big Punch Out: Round 2 event at Fifty West Production Works. I’ve been asked again by 50W to act as a ‘Celebrity’ boxing judge. It was a lot of fun last year, but its harder than you think.

I’ll be judging Frannie Rosenkrantz (50 West) vs. Amanda Coomer (Taft’s) with my fellow judging partners Jake Rouse of Braxton and Dana Cummin of Rhinegeist.

Jeremy Pinnell Listening Party

If crowds aren’t your thing, then may I suggest something more low key. Camp Springs Tavern is hosting a Jeremy Pinnell “Ties of Blood and Affection” listening party tonight at 630pm.

To learn more about local music artist Jeremy Pinnell, visit his website.

And…there is this kick ass limited-edition poster available too!

Well, time for me to depart for today. A quick haircut followed by a lunch to help soak up those PunchYouInTheEyePA variants I hope to try. I hope everyone has a fun and safe evening tonight at Punch Out, especially the fighters. It take’s a lot of courage to do that. Cheers!


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