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In today’s edition of Talking Drunken Gibberish…

Another day, another beer. Today, I continue to sample through a few of the beers that I picked up during the official launch of Platform Beer in Cincinnati last week.

Yesterday, I tried ‘The Project’ Dry Hopped Pale Ale Series featuring Idaho Experimental No. 7. I really liked that one. That’s one of the few hops that is distinct enough for me to pick up. I first recall having this hop a few years ago from Sierra Nevada.

Tonight I’m trying one of their flagship’s beer, New Cleveland Palesner. It’s crisp, easy and refreshing just like the label says. Nothing here really jumps out for me but that’s kind of the point with this beer. Easy drinker.

Fifty West Punch Out, Round 2

I had planned to cover Punch Out 2 more in-depth this year but then beers and fun got in the way. It happens. Long story short, it was a great event and I had a helluva time. I got asked to be a ‘Celebrity’ judge again this year. Look mom, I’m famous! Not.

I judged the 1st match between Taft’s Amanda Coomer and Fifty West’s Frannie Rosenkrantz with my partners Jake Rouse of Braxton and Dana Cumin of Rhinegeist.

Our duty was light as the referee called the match early in the second round. Apparently too much spinning around by Fifty West’s Frannie Rosenkrantz for the ref’s liking. It seemed a tad premature but I suppose better safe than sorry.

Winners in bold

  • Fight 1: Frannie Rosenkrantz (50 West) vs. Amanda Coomer (Taft’s)
  • Fight 2: Brett “Taj” Reigel (Taft’s) vs. Mitch Dougherty (Rhinegeist)
  • Fight 3: Josh Adams (Rhinegeist) vs. Blake Littleton (Braxton)
  • Fight 4: Joshua Wilson (50 West) vs. Simon Kretchik (MadTree)
  • Fight 5: Bob Bonder (Rhinegeist) vs. Christian Heck (50 West)
  • Fight 6: Kiri Crawford (Taft’s) vs. Karenna Brockman (Listermann)

Rhinegeist kicked some ass going 3-0 on the evening. Mitch Dougherty’s opponent came away with a dislocated shoulder. Simon Kretchik, who was in great shape got overpowered by Fifty’s Josh Wilson. That Josh dude is a beast. In the final match, Karenna Brockman got revenge over Kiri Crawford from Taft’s.

The first few matches were cut short by TKOs but the remainder of the fights were pretty entertaining. Regardless of the outcome, they were all winners in my book. It takes a lot of guts to do that. Cheers to you all.

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Anybody want to see a Brady Duncan (MadTree) vs Bryant Goulding (Rhinegeist) square off next year? The Rhinegeist and MadTree fan bases would go ape shit over that one.

Whomever squares up, I’m there. Great event and it seemed to be executed pretty well. Music was great. Plenty of beer options to choose from. Better lighting. More seating. Hats off to Fifty West to hosting a great event.

Attack of the Drone

Leave it to The Gnome, aka The Fun Sponge, to find a flaw with the event.

The Gnome got his panties in a bunch when a drone flew way above the crowd to snap a few pics later in the evening. Most probably didn’t even notice it. He took to Twitter to tell us he ‘lost a lot of respect’ for Fifty West for violating some drone law. Lighten up, Francis.

I can’t find the post so perhaps he deleted it. DJPimpDaddy on Twitter suggested it was the Newport PD checking up on him. Ha!

Apparently, he knows Drone Law. 

Now what say you and I go toe-to-toe on bird-law and see how comes out the victor? #Sunny

I kid The Gnome. I love beer, he loves beer. It’s all good. But seriously, I think he over-reacted on 50W here.

Source: Fifty West Facebook page

MadTree label tweaks

The Gnome redeemed himself with a good post today pointing out that subtle differences that MadTree have incorporated into new label approvals for Psychopathy, Happy Amber and Lift. Branding really interests me so I found these minor tweaks interesting.

I agree for the most part with Gnome’s assessment. The new labels are definitely less cluttered and subtly bolder in color, if that’s a thing. I’m not sold on the Happy Amber color. It’s seems a little dark, at least when viewing online. The Psychopathy looks really good. I look forward to seeing them on the shelves and trying them all over again from the new system.

Here’s a look at the new labels.


A Day on the Can

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a brewer, canner? Check out Tom Aguero of Brewminds recent post, So You Wanna Be A Brewer? A Day on the Mobile Canning Line at FigLeaf.

Beer Events

As I mentioned in the last TDG post, keeping with beer events is a pain in the ass. That being said, I wasted a few hours updating the beer events calendar so it was a least somewhat respectable again.

Highlights this week include a major Rhinegeist Tap Takeover at Cappy’s in Loveland Thu-Sat, Urban Artifact Pickle Beer Release on Friday and the Cuvee de 75 Listermann / Warped Wing Collaboration bottle release on Saturday as well as the 2nd Anniversary party at Fibonacci.

Well, that’s enough for tonight. Cheers everyone! Oh, don’t forget to check out this week’s new beer releases.


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