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ICYMI, on Wednesday, I joined my fellow OG Beer Bloggers Mike Stuart, formerly of BrewProfessor and Danny Spears of Beer Mumbo at Lucky Turtle to appear on an episode of Brew Minds with Jesse Folk and Tom Aguero. It was good to see old friends and talk about the beer scene from our perspective of following the industry the past 5 years.

You can check out the video here.

As I said on the show, not too much has been going on over at Queen City Fresh the past several months. It started when I lost a bunch of content when switching domain hosts, followed by a lack of motivation, beer burnout and a general lack of time due to work and family.

The one thing that I still regularly check out though is beer label approvals. Although, I’ve reduced my scope to Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana for the most part. Again, that time thing. Nonetheless, I still find it exciting to see what’s coming down the road and hopefully discover some cool branding and artwork as well.

It’s like a little Beer Christmas each time I click on a link to unwrap and reveal the latest upcoming gift crafted from the brewery elves.

Talking about beer with my OGs got my beer juices flowing and motivated me to think of something new. Well, sorta new. I present to you, #FreshLabelFriday.

Okay, so a few of these date back to last month but I figure I have a little catching up to do. Next week’s post will be much briefer.

Disclaimer: These labels are approved by the TTB but there is no guarantee that these will be released.

Braxton — Fuzzy Ripper

Sure, it’s just a keg label but Mmm, peaches! I’m looking forward to trying this Peach IPA from the boys in Covington.

Central State — Land Yacht

Wow, this is an incredibly bad label. I can smell the airbrush from here.

Christian Moerlein — Big Hazy IPA

Christian Moerlein officially jumps into the haze crazy with Big Hazy, a New England Style India Pale Ale brewed with Apricots. While I like the overall changes to the Moerlein core packaging (OTR, Pils, IPA), I’ve yet to like any of the artwork on their cans. Maybe, I just yearn for those beautiful illustrations from Jim Effler. Here’s to hoping the beer is much better than the label.

Columbus — Grasshoppa

A session India Pale Ale out of Columbus Brewing Co. A solid rebranding job too from them last year. I’m not a 100% sold on that font for Columbus but everything else is spot on.

Country Boy — Key Lime Cougar Bait

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a Country Boy. I assume they are still just distributed in Kentucky. Easy enough to get your hands on though. Here’s an easy drinker.

Country Boy — Nacho Bait

I had this awhile ago now in a large bottle format. Now you can get the sting from a can.

Country Boy — Nate’s Coffee Stout

One of my favorite combinations, coffee and stouts. I’ve been wanting to try this one for a while.

Fifty West — American Lager

Love. Love. Love. Fifty West absolutely nailed it with these can designs. The Doom Pedal can below is a beaut. I can’t wait to see these on the shelves soon. Great tag — Every Beer Is a Journey, Join Us For The Ride.

So many cool elements to this branding. Notice the flying pig? How about the 4 pillars from their brewhouse — Craftsmanship, Innovation, Tradition and Patience. Plus a little room at the bottom to play with different icons.

I can’t wait to talk with the boys at 50W about this process.

Fifty West — Coast to Coast

Fifty West — Doom Pedal


Great Flood — Blonde Ale

I’ve never been to or had a beer from Great Flood Brewing Co. in Louisville, KY. Sadly, I find the labels rather boring and this one is hard to see. Curious though what the little FLC icon on the top right represents. Are those boat paddles?

Great Flood — Coffee Porter

I miss hearing my Grandfather talk about the ’37 Flood. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that Kentuckians utilized bourbon barrels to construct a bridge.

Great Flood — Saison

Great Lakes — Blackout Stout

One of my favorites beers. This version is aged in Bourbon Barrels. Maybe they should have named this version, Total Blackout Stout.

Great Lakes — Holy Moses Ale

Not the most exciting beer but I enjoy the branding tweak that GL made last year (or so) and the illustrations.

Hoppin’ Frog — Baltic Pirate Porter

I’ve never been a fan of the Hoppin’ Frog branding and this one disappoints as usual. That being said, it does seem like a pretty interesting collaboration with Brewery Widawa in Poland. Baltic Porter with Dried Plums — you don’t see that everyday.

Hoppin’ Frog — Gold Band Export Lager

This Bohemian-Style Dunkel beer is brewed in collaboration and in honor of Louis Z Foerester a brewery from the 1870s in Michigan.

Hoppin’ Frog — Maple Whiskey B.O.R.I.S.

This one will put hair on your chest. A Maple Whiskey Barrel-Aged Oatmeal Russian Imperial Stout (BORIS) at 9.4%.

Kentucky Ale – Bourbon Barrel Blackberry Porter

Generally not a fan of their beers but everyone once in awhile their bourbon barrel series strikes a chord with me. I’ll definitely give this one a shot.

MadTree — Levanto

Part of the Barrel Aged Funk Series.

Mt. Carmel — Hibernation

Hibernation, a pretty damn good name for a Black IPA.

New Belgium — Bicycle Kick

There’s collaborations and then there are global collaborations — Six Breweries, 5 Continents, One Limited Release. A Kolsch Style Ale brewed with Lemongrass.

Not local, but I’d admire this company. One day, I’ll make it down to check out their facility in Asheville.

Nowhere in Particular — Batch No. 015

The rogue brewer from around these parts. This beer was brewed and packaged at Rivertown in Monroe.

Platform — Disco Godfather

A gose brewed with Black Raspberry, Marionberry and Natural Sea Salt. Part of their Kettle Sour Series.

Platform — Haze Jude

The only thing that I enjoy about this hazy beer craze may be this beer name. Pretty, pretty, pretty good.

I don’t know much about Platform (out of Columbus) but I did meet the owner once at O’Bryans during their launch. He seemed like an interesting young guy and he talked about opening a facility here in Cincinnati.

I really like their logo. The overall branding is cool too, varied but consistent, if that makes sense. I must confess that this brewery comes off to me like a Rhinegeist clone — from its branding to its business model. Not a bad thing, it just has a similar feeling to me.

Note the nod to the Ohio Craft Beer Association and the Craft Brewers Association with the incorporation of their logos.

Platform — Hubris

Quad IPA? Is that a thing? I learned something new today.

Platform — Foliate

A Wethop IPA using Chinook hops. Part of their Small Batch IPA Series.

Platform — Amarillo Fog

A Northeast IPA with Amarillo and Chinook hops.

Platform — High Brow Barista

A Coffee Rye Ale. Not sure that I’ve had one of those before. I need to try this.

Rhinegeist — Lynx

A limited release India Pale Ale with Citra, Mosaic & Amarillo. Sure, some will snicker…”another” IPA from Rhinegeist. Not me. They do them well and that’s alright with me.

Rhinegeist — Roar

Rhinegeist — Mushhushshu

Luke Cole, doing his thang. Sounds tasty. 2017 version.

Rhinegeist — Bogbeast

Rhinegeist — Big Willy

Rhinegeist — Experimental J-Hole

A Red India Pale Ale collaboration with Melvin from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I like what they’ve been doing with their collaboration cans — a fun packed ribbon of art.

Rhinegeist — Feeling Good

Rhinegeist — Cliffhanger

Rhinegeist — Science Fiction

Now this is cool! A new ‘Outer Reach Sour Ales’ Series — “Born from Chaos, Mastered by Science” slated for 2018. I love the meter system being used for the Fruit, Funk, Wood and Sour. Bring on the funk! I would assume a new bottle type/shape will be used for this series. I can’t wait to see and taste the final product.

Rivertown — Divergent

I think I’m starting to lose track of the branding changes going on at Rivertown the past few years. Hopefully, they are settling in. I think these look pretty good and I assume this is the work of TommyINK. Divergent, is a Berliner-style sour ale.

Rivertown — Soulless

A Flanders-style ale, crafted for the ones willing to indulge in something a little risqué.

Rivertown — Salted Carm-Ale

A philanthropic Porter created to benefit The Cure Starts Now, flavored with notes of salted caramel and toffee. I love both those flavors so this is a must try for me. Anybody know what the L.E. Batch: 0002 represents?

Rivertown — Roebling

Rivertown — Roebling Nitro

Sun King Brewery — SKB IPA

Taft’s Ale House — Skronk Juice

Taft’s Ale House — Santa’s Bribe

Taft’s Ale House — Cherry Wood

Thirsty Dog — Heaven and Helles Lager

Another brewery that the branding has never done it for me.

Thirsty Dog — 20th Anniversary Imperial Leghumper

While not a fan of their branding, you have to give it up for 20 years. They were obviously one of the pioneers up north in Ohio with Great Lakes. Actually, this label I find pretty cool.

Urban Artifact — Glimmer

Oh UA, how I love the branding. The hand drawn artwork of Scott Hand is fantastic. Never disappoints. Find your light; Share a Glimmer.

This tart IPA is brewed with O-H-I-O grown malted barley from Rustic Brew Farm.

Urban Artifact — Owler

A tart vanilla brown. Plus a learned a new word — Owling.

Urban Artifact — Milkman

A Maple Breakfast Stout from UA, aka breakfast in a bottle — Maple Syrup, Molasses, Brazilian Coffee from Deeper Roots, Almonds and Vanilla Beans. Damn!

Urban Artifact — Operation Plowshare

Midwest Fruit Tart brewed with Blackberries and Vanilla Beans.

Upland — Trio

A Barrel-Aged Fruited Sour Ale with Strawberries, Blackberries and Honey.

Warped Wing — The Abominator

Warped Wing — Trotwood

 Warped Wing — Gamma Bomb

Warped Wing — Flyer Red

Warped Wing — Ermal’s

Warped Wing — Creep Show

Warped Wing — 10 Ton Oatmeal Stout

Warped Wing — Pirogue Blanc

Wooden Cask — Local 45 American Ale

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