Urban Artifact Holiday Release 2017

Milkman Variants

  • Mole Stout: Ancho chili peppers, cacao nibs, orange peel, star anise & more cinnamon added
  • Milk & Cookies: Granola, walnuts, almonds, more cinnamon, & more vanilla beans added
  • Mocha Espresso: Extra shot of coffee & a double shot of chocolate added
  • Breakfast Sausage: Smoked chipotle peppers, sage, caraway, and fennel added.
  • Pastry Stout: A double dose of vanilla beans and cinnamon

Barrel-Aged Beers

  • Rye Barrel Spice Cake: Rye barrel aged stout with vanilla beans, nutmeg, cocoa, star anise, orange zest, and cinnamon
  • Ornament: Barrel aged chocolate raspberry Gose with fresh orange zest
  • Semifreddo: Barrel aged chocolate raspberry Gose with vanilla beans
  • Cherry Pie: Barrel aged Gose with 6 pounds per gallon of cherries added
  • Pteranodon: 100% Spontaneously fermented barrel aged sour with fresh peaches


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