Fresh Label Friday 1.26.18

Alright, alright, alright, let’s do this.


Looking for something to do this weekend? How about a trip to Streetside Brewery who was just awarded 2017 Best New Brewer in Ohio by RateBeer.

A couple of my fellow beer bloggers were kindly invited by the folks at Streetside Brewery to participate in their A Day in the Upside Down, Firkin Fest on Saturday.

Streetside provided us with the their Demogorgon stout as a base and allowed us bloggers to infuse that with adjuncts of our choosing.

The Base: Notes of Dark fruit, baker’s chocolate, light milk chocolate, touch of roast.

Starting Gravity: 1.100
Finishing Gravity: 1.023
ABV: 11.81%

The variants:

Brew Minds – Eggos and Maple Syrup
Cincy Weekend – Honey, Chai, and Ginger Snap cookies
Craft Beer Joe – Donuts and Coffee
The Gnarly Gnome – Raspberries and Vanilla
Raging Hop – Pomegranates and Dark Chocolate
Queen City Fresh – Caramel, Roasted Pecans, Mexican Sugar, and Cayenne Peppers
Streetside Brew Team – Peanut Butter and Oreos

After filling up the firkins, the remaining beer will be aged in Boone County Barrels, Knob Creek, or Orange Liquor barrels from Copper and Kings.

I think my beer sounds pretty interesting and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I’m looking forward to trying the variants by Cincy Weekend and Craft Beer Joe as well. It should be a fun time. The firkins will be tapped at noon. I hope to see you there!

Here’s some fresh newly approved beer labels from the area. Disclaimer: These labels are approved by the TTB but there is no guarantee that these will be released.

Brewdog — Juggernaut

Figleaf — Basmati Cream Ale

Figleaf — Iso-Trope American India Pale Ale

Figleaf — Ponderous Porter

Figleaf — WasteTimer American Pilsner

Hoof Hearted — Konkey Dong

Jackie O’s — Perpetum

Nowhere In Particular — Batch Number 019

Nowhere In Particular — Batch Number 020

Platform — Torrential Downpour

Rhinegeist — Hustle

Rivertown — Due & Proper India Pale Ale

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