Fresh Label Friday 2.2.18

Alright, alright, alright, let’s do this.


Against the Grain — Retitled Pils

Against the Grain — London Balling, Amburana Wood

Against the Grain — Found Word

Against the Grain — Stave It For Later, Maple Bockin’ Pastries

Against the Grain — Bo & Luke 2017 White Oak

Against the Grain — Bo & Luke 2017 White Ash

Against the Grain — Bo & Luke 2017 Amburana Wood

Braxton Labs — Single Hop Pale Ale with Grungeist

Braxton Labs — Cycle Coffee Stout #001

Braxton — Make Waves Dark Saison Ale with Plum

Braxton — Kris Kringle Belgian Quad

Falls City — Classic Pilsner

Falls City — Louisville City, Golden Ale

Figleaf — Anniversary One

Jacie O’s — Perpetum 2018

Platform — Torrential Downpour

Upland — Life Exotic

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