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#CincyBREWumorMill: Queen City craft beer news and rumors that we have collected from the ether…(unofficially, allegedly, supposedly and all that other stuff to cover my ass. Remember kids, just because its on the internets doesn’t mean it’s necessarily true)

It’s been awhile since I posted any BREWumors which made me realize I really need to re-organize this page. Well, enough about the housekeeping.

12/26/13: Fifty West

I took a trip up to Yellow Springs Brewery a week or two ago and Blake from Fifty West had been up there earlier that day. He was up that way to pick up a rum and bourbon barrel from Flat Rock Spirits. If you check out the Flat Rock Spirits page, you’ll see that Yellow Springs Brewery picked up some Stillwrights Bourbon Barrels from there to age their Prowler, an Oatmeal stout. Anyways, so there are some new small 15 gallon American Oak barrels sitting at 50 now as you can see below. Apparently, with these smaller barrels it allows them to do aging more quickly. Not 100% on that but I think that’s what I was told. Ghost of Imogene is aging in both. IMG_8663

In addition, look for some new releases from 50 coming soon. A Tripel tentatively named Our Mom’s Advice and an American Wheat tentatively named Jalopy. 

11/3/13: MadTree

  • If you’ve been in the taproom lately, you’ve likely noticed the presence of beautiful wooden barrels adorning the rear of the brewery. Each time I stop by the number of barrels keep increasing. I believe the number of barrels now is up to 18! I’ve seen barrels from Buffalo Trace, Heaven Hill, Four Roses and Pappy Van Winkle. Here’s a partial list of what’s sitting back there. If you do the math, you’ll know I’m missing 6. No idea on release dates, I would these would age several months so I don’t think it would be anytime soon.
    • Dead Flowers (2 barrels)
    • Gnarly Brown (4 barrels)
    • Axis Mundi (3 barrels)
    • Happy Amber (2 barrels)
    • Thundersnow (2 barrels)
    • PumpCan (1 barrel)

10/25/13: Fifty West, Quaff Bros, Yellow Springs

Look for several new releases upcoming, including…

  • Bourbon Barrel 10&2 Barleywine. 50W has (4) Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels to play with now. They plan to pull off a few kegs to be back sweetened with local maple syrup. They are really excited about this one. Release Date TBD. I’m told it’s ready so it should be pretty soon.
  • Spooner Summit. A single hopped (Summit) double IPA. Release date TBD.
  • Collaboration with Yellow Springs Brewery. A Belgian Wheat collaboration using Bastogne yeast. Brewed on 10/25 with Jeffrey and Nate from Yellow Spring Brewery. *CONFIRMED. I believe there is also plans to pull off 3 kegs for oak aging. Release date TBD.
  • Collaboration with Quaff Bros. A Russian Imperial Stout in Pappy Van Winkle barrels. Release Date TBD.
  • 3037 Pale Ale is carbonating now and is planned to be distributed starting next week. Look for 50W to be on tap handles again outside of the tap room. Their was a 50W tap handle sighting at the Arthur’s 1 year anniversary on 10/23 but I believe that was their new 50 West Coast IPA dry hopped with Columbus and Citra. It was on tap at Cannonball2 and I had one. It was really good. Arnold’s announced it will have 50W back on tap starting Monday. Besides Arnold’s most of their distribution initially will be locally such as Hahanna Beach, FlipDaddys (Mariemont) and other establishments near 50W. I know I’m excited to see the 50W handle around town again. *CONFIRMED
  • Look for several other releases coming back online again soon such as Coffee Please, Amber, Penny’s Pilsner



10/22/13: MadTree

  • Thundersnow. A NEW seasonal release to be launched at Queen City Fresh Fest!!! A Scottish Style Winter spiced Ale. Look for more details forthcoming from MadTree. *CONFIRMED

9/3/13: Fifty West 

  • Look for a collection of new beers to be released this week from Fifty West in conjunction with Fifty Fest. Their double IPA, Punch You In The EyePA (a QCF favorite) is making it’s way back, a Porter of which a small portion will be coconut, as well their Oktoberfest. The Brew Professor had a detailed post today as well detailing the offerings by Rhinegeist, Triple Digit, Mt. Carmel, MadTree and the aforementioned Fifty West Porter. Check it out here. *CONFIRMED.

8/28/13: Listermann / Triple Digit

  • Gin Rummy. A Belgian style beer aged in a gin rum barrel. Brewed with apple and cinnamon sticks. Release date TBD. *CONFIRMED.
  • Cranium. A bourbon imperial oatmeal stout. Aged in Heaven Hills barrels for 8 months with vanilla beans and local African roast coffee from Coffee Emporium. Release Date 11/6 (Dutch’s), 11/8 (Listermann taproom). *CONFIRMED.
  • Look for a new pumpkin infused barrel aged brown ale, around November. Aged in Corsair triple smoked whiskey barrels. Release Date TBD. *CONFIRMED.
  • You may have noticed that Kevin and Jason made a little trip down to Buffalo Trace and returned with some very rare 10 year old Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrels. Not sure (yet) what they are planning to brew in these but expect something good. Release Date TBD *CONFIRMED.

8/28/13: Blank Slate, Quaff Bros., Listermann, Triple Digit, MadTree

  • Collaboration with Quaff Bros. Although a little while away, expect a bourbon barrel aged Doppelbock with chili peppers to be released around Bockfest.
  • Collaboration with Triple Digit called Fruition. Fruited Saison. Infused with blackberries and raspberries. Release date TBD.
  • Listermann / Triple Digit: Look for a new beer called Colonel Plug. A Sour Mash Ale fermented in Oak Barrels. Part of the Ohio Riverboat Pirate Series. It’s a collaboration brew with Ray Spangler of the Bloatarian League. The Bloatarian Brewing League is Cincinnati’s Original and Largest Homebrew Club and celebrated it’s 25th anniversary in 2011. The club was founded in 1986 by Ray Spangler of Erlanger, Kentucky. *CONFIRMED.
  • MadTree: Remember, those (2) new 60 BBL fermenters and (1) 60 BBL bright tank that arrived recently. Well, you didn’t think they were there just to look pretty. Look for those suckers to be operational by the end of this week. MadTree plans to increase the # of brew days from 2x to 5x a week starting next week. Yeah, more MadTree beer! *CONFIRMED. 

8/21/13 Great American Ball Park

8/16/13 Listermann, MadTree

  • Listermann: Look for a Southern Hemisphere Harvest IPA brewed with some special hops coming in the next few weeks. *CONFIRMED. This is Intergalatic.
  • MadTree: There may or may not be Double IPA fermenting with Galaxy hops right now. If you’ve been to the tap room lately and you’re wondering where all the cans have gone – don’t fret. They have been moved to make space to bring in the (2) 60 bbl fermenters that should arrive on Tuesday. Kenny talked about that in our interview a few weeks ago. Although, I don’t think they are too far away from ordering their next shipment of a ‘metric shit ton of cans to borrow a phrase from the axis mundi beer description. *CONFIRMED. The (2) 60 BBL fermenters arrived on Tuesday. Bonus – along with a bright tank.

8/13/13: Fifty West, Great American Ball Park

  • Two new beers to be unveiled on Saturday, 8/17/13 as part of an event dubbed 50 West Edition – Lexus IS Summer of Perfection Series. The first will be their APA with a little tweaking of the recipe this time around. The second will be an English bitter with pawpaw fruit. Half of the bitter will be served on co2 (fruited) and the other half on nitro. *CONFIRMED. The APA was named Jug Rock. It was delicious. The English bitter was named E.S.B. (Eastern Standard Bitter) and the fruited ESB was named Fox Paw.
  • GABF: On Friday, 8/23/13, In Section 110, look for a Moerlein limited cask ale dry hopped with Mandarina at 1.5 lbs per barrel in the cask. Check out this bad boy as it waits for the call up to the big leagues at GABP on 8/23/13. *CONFIRMED

8/12/13: Moerlein Lager House

  • Look for a firkin tapping of the Dubel IPA dry hopped with Centennial at 1 lb per barrel at the Moerlein Lager House on Friday, 8/16/13 as part of their Hop Shop Cask series. *CONFIRMED

8/10/13: Fifty West, Mt. Carmel

  • Fifty West: Look for a potential Fifty West Brewing and Great Lakes Brewing BBQ Throwdown at Fifty West when the Cleveland Browns roll in town to play the Cincinnati Bengals on November 17th, 2013.
  • Mt Carmel: Like good beer and good pizza? Duh! Well, then look forward to this! Mt. Carmel Brewing is partnering with Deweys Pizza to release a commemorative beer for Midpoint Music Festival called Monty’s Midpoint Pale Ale – a hop forward, but session-friendly pale ale. *CONFIRMED 8/16/13. Per Mt. Carmel FB page: “Today we release the first of our PALE ALE brewed for the folks down at Dewey’s Pizza. Four types of malt along with four varieties of citrus-forward hops bring about one perfect pint to start the weekend! We’ll see you around the pond. $3 PINTS OF THE NEW DEWBREW!”

8/9/13 Moerlein Lager House

  • Changes are a brewin’ at the Moerlein Lager House. With the departure of Jim Matt to Rhinegeist Brewery a few months ago there have been some changes to their brew staff. Richard Dube, will become Director of Brewery Operations and will be splitting time between the Moerlein Lager House and the Christian Moerlein production facility on Moore St. in Over-The-Rhine. Gregg Wilson will become the Head Brewer at the Moerlein Lager House. Rounding out the staff will be Adam Rauckhorst and Rian Umbach. Adam has a background in chemistry and comes from P&G. Rian is a home brewer and bartender at Moerlein Lager House. *CONFIRMED

8/2/13 Moerlein Lager House, Great American Ball Park

  • GABF: Starting 8/2/13 in Section 132, you can get Rhinegiest Truth IPA, Rivertown Hop Bomber and Helles Lager, and Listermann Serpentine Wheat all on draft. Plus, other craft beer favorites such as White Rajah and 4 C’s Pale Ale from The Brew Kettle (Strongsville, OH). The White Rajah is a QCF favorite! Additionally, Karma from Avery Brewing (Boulder, CO) and more! *CONFIRMED.
  • Moerlein Lager House: Will soon be tapping a firkin of dry-hopped Bavarian Pale Ale. *CONFIRMED

7/31/13: Blank Slate / Triple Digit

  • Another collaboration with Scott LaFollette (BSBC) and Kevin Moreland (Triple Digit) is upcoming. Expect a fruity Saison packed with the trademark Triple Digit high gravity punch. *CONFIRMED.

7/31/13 Cellar Dweller, Double Barrel, Listermann

  • Cellar Dweller: At Cellar Dweller, canning is on the horizon. No date has been set but can design and label approvals have been or are very near being finalized. Beers likely to show up in cans: Dead Dweller, Cellar Blues and I can’t remember the 3rd (to quote Ricky Perry, “Oops”). A new pub style room is coming to the 2nd floor at Valley Vineyards. Lastly, after a 2.5 week hiatus to install their new equipment, the 1st batch of Hoppy Poppy IPA off their new system was tapped tonight at Arnold’s Bar and Grill.
  • Double Barrel: Not only has QCF actually visually verified that Double Barrel brewery exists, it actually met Sean Smith one of the partners in the venture. Although, the Brew Professor reported back in December 2012 (Double Barrel adds to the growing Cincinnati brewery list) I was skeptical but alas I have proof they actually exist. Look for an interview with Double Barrel Brewery to be coming very shortly.
  • Listermann: A new sour beer may be in the works. Not much information on this. I enjoyed their 1st sour, Julia, so hopefully this one delivers as well. *CONFIRMED. 

7/13/13: Fifty West

  • The winning beer from the initial Cannonball Wednesday event was the Puh Puh Powie! IPA. Described as a West Coast Style IPA with a hop blast to the face, strong citrus and herbacious flavors. Hands down this was the favorite beer sampled by QCF. I got mixed reports on who brewed this one as it was a secret contest. The latest information was this was a collaboration by Whit and assistant brewer Mighty Max. Whoever brewed it, knocked it out the f’n park
  • Music series continues this Friday, 8/2/13 with Bucket and Hickory Robot. *CONFIRMED.
  • Music event planned for 8/17/13 which includes Tickled Pink Electric Trio (2 of the 3 members from Bucket) and the Comet Bluegrass All-Stars. *CONFIRMED.
  • Music event planned for 8/22/13 which includes Ben Knight and the Well Diggers
  • Music lineup for Fifty Fest, the conclusion of the Fifty West Music series on 9/7/13 will have the following lineup: Los Honchos, The Hiders, The Newbies, Deep Fried Five (Nashville), Shiny Old Soul, My Brother the Bear, NKU Latin Jazz Ensemble, Jake Logan and the Midnight Riders. Five bands will perform on the patio and three bands will perform in the cottage next door to Fifty West. Andrew from the kitchen staff will be performing with Jake Logan and the Midnight Riders. *CONFIRMED.

Rivertown / Quaff Bros. 

  • Badonkafunk (Quaff Bros / Rivertown Collaboration). An American style “Wild Ale” aged in fresh Kentucky Bourbon Barrels tweaked with a cultivated wild yeast strain from the Rivertown house itself.  Will be offered in both draft and 22oz bottles. Release date TBD. *CONFIRMED.


  • Franz (Rhinegeist). An Oktoberfest style Ale. Release date 9/21/13. *CONFIRMED.